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With the excitement of many great MMORPG's and Survival Games we decided to collate all our sites together into one site, MMO Wiki. This one main site will have all the databases from all our wikis and databases.

T&L Play Novel: Chapter 1

Throne & Liberty has an interactive “Play Novel”. This is Play Novel: Chapter 1. The Storey Portrays two girls/ Roen and Calanthia, who appear in the game. It has creative features that immerse you in the story. It’s composed of five episodes with ten chapters in total. Both English and Korean versions are available.

Unreal Engine 5 for Throne and Liberty

With Throne and Liberty gaining a lot of attention in the MMORPG scene ready for 2023. A lot of us are excited to learn about the game and what we can expect. There are reports that Throne and Liberty is built in Unreal Engine 5 by sites such as Wikipedia. However we believe it has been developed in Unreal Engine 4.