NCSoft to Launch Throne and Liberty

With NCSoft set to launch their new game Throne and Liberty we’ve decided to take a closer look at NCSofts track record within the MMO space.

NCSoft was founded in March 1997 by T.J. Kim. In September 1998, NCSoft launched its first game Lineage In 2004. They launched two more MMORPGs, Lineage II and City of Heroes.


The company formed NCSoft Europe in July 2004. They brought City Of Heroes to several European countries on February 4, 2005. And have since established European service for WildStar and Blade & Soul. As well
On April 26, 2005, they published Arenanet’s first MMO Guild Wars Prophecies. As well as Arenanets follow up campaigns Factions and Nightfall and the expansion Eye of the North.

NCSoft also published Guild Wars 2 but stopped being the publisher for Guild Wars 2 in 2015 with the release of Heart of Thorns.

Most notable NCSoft is known for releasing the Lineage series and publishing the Guild Wars series. They have a long list of standing and shut down titles which you can find listed down below. It’s clear that they have a great understanding and long standing presence in the MMORPG space. Currently employing well over 3000 full time employees spread across branches in North America, Europe and Korea.

We are also not sure if the game is being Developed on Unreal Engine 4 or 5.

NCSoft will be handling both the development and publishing inhouse. Which gives them great control over the upcoming release for Throne and Liberty on the PC and PS5 platforms. Currently it’s unknown if they are looking at giving publishing rights to any companies outside of their holdings. In order to get smoother releases going world wide but we are expecting to hear news on this soon as we get closer to a possible Beta test or a full release. 

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