Lineage 3 or Throne and Liberty?

With the recent reveal of project TL becoming Throne and Liberty fans of the Lineage series have wondered what this means for Lineage 3.

NCSoft recently stated that “Throne and Liberty stemmed from the lineage to become a next generation Lineages project started by the love for Lineage” stating they started work on Throne and Liberty 3 years ago when they where recreating the story of Lineage.

Lineage 3 or Throne and Liberty

Producer Jong-ok Ahn: In the development process, we had to modify and remove many of the original systems and content to catch up with today’s gaming trend. Consequently, the game’s characteristics had changed. Most importantly, we re-wrote the story and this made the development team wonder “Should this be called Lineage?”. We finally decided to change its name to fit more with the new story, showing the will of the development team to distinguish it from the Lineage.

Jong-ok Ahn: We have put our best efforts to develop fresh and new MMO games. The videos we have recently released show the actual playing of the games. I would like to say that I am always ready to have a candid. Open-minded communication with players and continue to develop a fresh game.

Lineage 3 or Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty

It seems that with this new name change comes a total philosophy shift from NCSoft. Towards a more modern and maybe even more western approach to an MMO. With its core ideas and promised monetization model under their new slogan “Play For All”.

A spiritual successor to Lineage. With Throne and Liberty going truly next gen with their promised ps5 and pc launch platforms. It seems to live up to NCSoft’s new slogan of “Play For All”.

Sadly for the hardcore Lineage fan NCSoft has moved away from their original concept to have Throne and Liberty be a sequel to the first Lineage game. And have instead opted to giving Throne and Liberty its own story.

Throne and Liberty will still be designed in a way reminiscent of Lineage II. With various game systems and features coming back for this new games release. Paired with more modern systems and features. Throne and Liberty is bound to be a heavy hitter in the MMO space in 2023. 

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