As we get closer to Throne and Liberty launching we are getting to learn more about the Lore and the Story of TL.

“Everyone starts from the same beginning. Some set off on epic travels, even aiming for the pinnacle for the world. Some prefer to accumulate wealth, while some simple enjoy the company of others. A world purely your own. The is the world we strive to bring to live.” A message on the Throne and Liberty website letting us know the direction of the game.

Throne and Liberty Story

Star Children – The Book of Beginnings

The Star of Silaves… It is rumoured that fragments of the Sealstone containing Silaves, God-dess of Destruction, were scattered around the world like stars after the stone was shattered. Those born with the power of these “stars” were called Star Children.

Captain Davinci’s Resistance Army – 1186 N.D.

Revil Lupius seized the throne of Solisium, with the backing of the Arkeum Legions and started a brutal war. Davinci Aron and the leaders of several guilds formed, the Allied Resistance Forces to stop the Arkeum Legions.

Witch Calanthia’s Invasion – 1192 N.D.

Meanwhile, the wizard Yan Junion was secretly protecting the Star Children so they wouldn’t become exploited as tools of war. Kazar, commander of the Arkeum Legions, dispatched the witch Calanthia to the children’s island.

Kazar Simosen of the Arkeum Legions – 1194 N.D.

The island was destroyed due to the invasion of Calanthia and the Arkeum Legions, and Clay Carter evacuated the Star Children. Kazar continued to pursue Silaves’s star fragments to seize absolute power and satisfy his greater ambitions.

For the Freedom of Solisium

As time went by, the Star Children grew up to become apprentice Resistance Army Soldiers. Now, you must leave Whisp Island and head to Laslan to develop the power of the stars and free Solisium from the Arkeum Legions. I’m sure the Story will continue…

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