Throne and Liberty PVP (Player vs Player)

Throne and Liberty, developed by NCSoft, is one of the most anticipated MMOs expected to release in 2023. With the Developers boasting that both PVE and PVP will play an equal part in this upcoming MMO. Fans are waiting in excitement to find out how the balance between PVE and PVP will work.

Typically most MMO’s have a portion of the player base who only do PVE activities. As well as a portion who only do PVP. Then there is a large portion of the player base who like to get involved in both PVE and PVP.

Throne and Liberty PVP

In the recent Director’s Preview released by NCSoft, Game Design Director Lee Moon Seop talked about how PvP will function in Throne and Liberty. As we now know about the player Class System in T&L we now discuss the PVP.

Safe Zones

The majority of the game’s fields will be considered a “safe zone”, meaning that no PvP occurs there. However from time to time competitions like regional events or boss raids begin, certain fields will allow pvp to happen. Some of these events will cause a PvP competition to begin in the area, and players can go there to participate, competing against other players to increase their rank in the competition.

Throne and Liberty PVP

PVP Events

Players will have the option to choose to participate or not. You will have the option to check what events are planned via an in-game calendar. This should allow for strategic gameplay giving players no choice to fall into unexpected pvp gameplay. This battles and events normally last around 20 minutes.

Throne and Liberty PVP

Large Castle Sieges

We can see there are multiple Guild vs Guild battles, everything from open field to large castle sieges. In nearly every video preview we have seen on Throne and Liberty we get to see some kind of large player vs player battles. If you are a fan of large PVP Battles in MMORPGs you will want to keep an eye on Throne and Liberty.

Throne and Liberty PVP

One game mode we saw was a capture the flag type game mode where Guilds are required to hold and control Possession Stones. Its not clear if this is instanced or in the Open World. Possession Stones These stones allow guilds to expand their capabilities and acquire necessary raw materials.

Throne and Liberty

The huge castle siege battlefields look amazing. With what looks like hundreds of players attacking and defending huge castles. Which can only result in fruitful rewards for the winning team. Player will be able to take control of gigantic stone rock Gollums which can smash down doors or carry players onto the walls.

Throne and Liberty is shaping up to be an incredible all round MMO with a brilliant PVP scene.