Will Throne and Liberty be P2W?

Earlier this year during NCSofts Q2 2022 earnings report, along with the announcement that the game was going to be delayed to 2023. The devs discuss the hot topic around Pay to Win (P2W) in Throne and Liberty. Will Throne and Liberty be P2W?

NCSoft have also been in talks with potential Western publishing partners, Amazon Games.

“As recently reported in the media, TL is discussing the best timing and partners for strategic overseas expansion from a strategic perspective. The reason is that TL is, in a way, into domestic games. Especially in MMORPGs. This is because it has important implications for success abroad. which we previously had. In terms of open innovation rather than the way it was done. How to collaborate internally and externally for success. We are thinking strategically about whether we can create synergies. Currently, it is scheduled for the first half of 2023.”

Will Throne and Liberty be P2W?

Something a lot of players were happy to hear during the Q&A session was that NCSoft executives made a great promise. That Throne and Liberty would avoid ‘excessive pay-to-win’ elements but they did hint towards a battlepass.

“It is being designed in a way that avoids P2W. Incidentally, there is a change in the partial charge model even in the global environment. In-game items such as the Battle Pass in North America and Europe. The partial payment model is being accepted. In fact, all large game companies are also in a state where the development period is getting longer and the amount of input is increasing. In this situation, in order to maximize profits, generating sales through live services like NCsoft will be a differentiator. Adjust this well to avoid excessive P2W. If we balance the perfection of the game, I think we will achieve great results in the global market.”

Earlier this year the NCSoft team did a large in house Beta test which looked great fun. Throne and Liberty is coming to PC and consoles in the first half of 2023.

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