What is a Guild Base?

Guild Bases are a gathering place for members of your guild.

Guild Bases are available once your Guild reaches Level 2.

Guilds with castles can use a Legion Base instead of a Guild Base.

Entering the Base

Guild Base

You can enter the Guild Base by operating the Base entrance.

Legion Base

You can enter the Legion Base by operating the Base entrance.

Base Functions

Health and Mana Recovery is increased inside the Base.

You can access the Arena inside the Base to duel other members of your Guild.

The Sundries Merchant, Guild Merchant, and Guild Supplies Merchant are all accessible from the Base.

You can join in on Guild Raids from the Base.

If a player leaves the guild or gets banned, they will be moved to the outside of the Guild Base.

Base Arena

Hone your skills by dueling members of your guild in the Arena!

While you are in the Arena, every non-party member is considered a hostile enemy.

Dying while in the Arena does not penalize you.

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