What is a Guild Raid?

A Guild Raid is a weekly feature where you, as an individual, join members of your Guild, to fight Raid Bosses a certain number of times per week, to earn rewards.

Guild Raids can be accessed from either your Guild Base or Legion Base.

Starting the Guild Raid

Starting Conditions

Each Raid has certain Milestones and Guild Level requirements before it is unlocked.

Guild Raids can be started by any Guild Officer who’s above the Advisor Rank.

There are only a certain amount of Battle Counts available weekly. Once they are all used you will not be able to start a Guild Raid anymore.

Only one Guild Raid can be started at a time. If the actual battle has not started yet, the guild can switch Raids.

Interact with the Guild Entrance to open the Guild Raid screen. Select which raid you want to do and start it.

How to Participate

While the Guild Raid is active, press Enter Raid to enter the Raid area.

Once the guild has defeated the Raid boss, everyone will be teleported to the base within a 3-minute time span.

Death and Resurrection

If a player dies during a Guild Raid, you can revive yourself by using one Star Return. You can continue to fight for the duration of the Star Return timer. The Star Return count will be reset when the battle starts and ends.

Guild Raid Rewards

Once the Raid Boss is defeated, rewards will be dropped based on the set-dropping chances. Rewards are distributed based on the rules set in the Guild Distribution tab.

Every Guild member who was present in the raid area when the boss was killed will receive personal rewards in their inventory.

The Guild will receive Guild EXP and Guild Rewards when the boss is defeated. The rewards are available for a certain period of time.

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