Conquest Wars: Riftstones

What is a Riftstone?

Riftstones are Holdstones that can be captured by guilds in each Field Boss territory.

Guilds that win a Riftstone through the Riftstone Conquest Battle will be entitled to a variety of benefits while they own the Riftstone. You can own up to 3 Riftstones depending on your Guild Level.

Riftstone Conquest Battle

The Riftstone Conquest Battle is a large-scale guild battle over the ownership of a Riftstone.

Riftstone Conquest Battles only take place during certain times when the Territory where the Conquest Battle is located becomes a Conquest Battle Zone. This zone allows for PvP combat.


Check Schedule

You can see when a Conquest Battle is available by looking at the Timetable or the Riftstone icon tooltip.

  • Timetable – Can see at what time the Riftstone becomes available to claim.
  • Riftstone Icon Tooltip – Can see when the Riftstone is available for claiming.


When a Conquest Battle begins, the Riftstone becomes unprotected and contestable for ownership. The Leaders, Advisors, and Guardians of guilds at Level 5 or above can register as the Capturing Guild by interacting with the Riftstone. To register as a Capturing Guild you need a Guild Flag which you can purchase at the Guild Supplies Shop.


A Riftstone becomes Captured when a Capturing Guild takes possession. There can be multiple Capturing Guilds at the same time. The first Guild to reach 100% of the Capture Gauge wins the claim. The Capture Gauge rises for the guild with the most surviving members in the Capture Zone and falls for the other guilds.

Guilds whose gauge reaches 0% will be eliminated as they have failed to claim the Riftstone. If a guild has more than 66% of its members in the Capture Zone then the gauge rises faster for the first-place guild. If no guild’s Capture Gauge reaches 100% by the end of the timer, then ownership does not change and the Conquest Battle will end.

  • Screen Message – Notifies you of the status of the Riftstone Conquest Battle in real-time.
  • Riftstone Conquest Battle UI – Shows the Riftstone Conquest Battle time, Capturing Guilds, Capture Gauge, and Occupying Guild.
  • Capture Gauge – Shows the number of guild members in the Capture Zone and their Capture Gauge. Up to 5 Guilds, including your own, will be displayed in order of population.
  • Capture Zone Share Gauge – This shows a graphical representation of the difference in share between your guild and the second-ranked guild if your guild is ranked first in the Capture Zone. If your guild is not ranked first, it graphs the difference between your guild’s share and the first-place guild’s.


After the Conquest Battle, the Riftstone enters a protected state to protect the Occupying Guild’s ownership until the next available time to claim it.

Occupation Benefits

Each Riftstone grants a buff that increases the Occupying Guild members’ stats. It also gives them Guild Activity Points and Guild resources proportional to the amount of time they own it. While your Riftstone is protected or contestable, you are able to teleport to it by clicking its icon on the map. While a Riftstone is protected, you can interact with it to enter a Field Boss’s dimensional space connected to the Riftstone.

Dimensional Space

Only accessible to members of the guild that owns the Riftstone, this space is where the Field Boss connected to the Riftstone resides. The occupying guild can fight the Field Boss separately from the Field Boss Event, to earn various rewards.

Field Bosses in Dimensional Spaces have the exact same abilities and rewards as Field Bosses outside.

Field Bosses in Dimensional Spaces reappear every day at midnight. If you won a Riftstone after its Field Boss died, you cannot fight the Field Boss until midnight.

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