Conquest Wars: Boonstones

What is the Boonstone?

Boonstones are Holdstones that can be captured by guilds. There is one Boonstone per Territory.

Guilds that win a Boonstone through the Boonstone Conquest Battle will be entitled to a variety of benefits while they own the Boonstone.

You can own up to 3 Boonstones depending on your guild level.

Boonstone Conquest Battles

The Boonstone Conquest Battle is a large-scale guild battle over the ownership of a Boonstone.

They only take place during certain times when the territory where the Boonstone is located becomes a Conquest Battle Zone, which is a Conflict Zone allowing for PvP.


Check Schedule

You can see when a Conquest Battle is available by looking at the Timetable or the Boonstone icon tooltip.

  • Timetable – You can see which Boonstones become available to claim at that time.
  • Moonstone Icon Tooltip – You can see when this Boonstone becomes available for claiming.


When a Conquest Battle begins, the Boonstone becomes unprotected and contestable for ownership.

The Leaders, Advisors, and Guardians of guilds at Level 2 or higher, can register as the Capturing Guild by interacting with the Boonstone.

To register as a Capturing Guild, you need a Guild Flag, which you can purchase at the Guild Supplies Shop.


A Boonstone becomes Captured when a Capturing Guild takes possession of it.

If another guild successfully interacts with the Boonstone during the Conquest Battle duration, the Capturing Guild changes. If you prevent another guild from interacting with the Boonstone, and the Conquest Battle timer ends, then you will capture the Boonstone.

Even if you are the Capturing Guild at the moment, you must defend your claim until the end of the battle window as other guilds can capture it at any time while the window is open.

  • Screen Message – Notifies you of the status of the Boonstone Conquest Battle in real-time.
  • Moonstone Conquest Battle UI – Shows the Boonstone Conquest Battle time, Capturing Guild, and Occupying Guild.

Last Capture

If the Conquest Battle time ends while the battle is still in progress, the game will enter the Last Capture mode, which extends the Conquest Battle by the remaining battle time.

If a guild other than the Capturing Guild interacts with the Boonstone during the Last Capture time, the Conquest Battle will end with no change in ownership.

After the Conquest Battle, the Boonstone enters a protected state to protect the Occupying Guild’s ownership until the next available time to claim it.

Occupation Benefits

Members of a guild occupying a Boonstone will receive benefits when hunting in the Boonstone area.

Each Boonstone grants a buff that increases the Occupying Guild members’ stats, as well as gives them Guild Activity Points and Guild resources proportional to the amount of time they own it.

While your Boonstone is protected or contestable, you can teleport to its location by clicking its icon on the Map.

If another Guild captures your Boonstone or your guild captures a Boonstone, you will see it right away through the Capture Status notifications.

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