Throne and Liberty: Director’s Preview, a further look into the upcoming MMORPG

NCSOFT’s new MMORPG, Throne and Liberty (TL for short), is set to be released in the first half of 2023 for PC and console platforms. The game has been developed with the slogan “Play For All”. The Throne and Liberty Director’s Preview video, recently published on YouTube, showcases various aspects of the game, including living world and dungeon design, character customization, and PvP gameplay. Mobile streaming is also included in the game alongside full controller support for console releases. Also it features a unique “Free Class” system in which players’ roles are determined by the weapons they choose.

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World, Environment And Player Interaction

In Throne and Liberty, the game’s world is the central hub for player interaction. The main goal of NCSOFT is to allow players to seamlessly connect and interact with each other as they explore the game’s various areas. The developers have included a dungeon as an example, which features multiple aspects of a typical dungeon adventure are all connected and can be explored by players. This emphasis on player interaction is a key aspect of the game, as players can start the game together and create shared histories and memories as they journey through the game, through Guilds or other options.

In Throne and Liberty, the game world features day and night cycles and predictable events that allow players to plan ahead. However, unpredictable events like weather changes may also occur, requiring players to quickly adapt in order to take advantage of different opportunities. The game’s environment plays a key role in adding a sense of life and variety to the game world, making it feel immersive and dynamic. Players must be mindful of these changing conditions and adapt their strategies in order to succeed in the game.

The game’s weather and environment are designed to enhance and expand on the day to day feeling of the world and require players to adapt and pay attention to ever changing conditions. Parts of the world such as the terrain and various other parts can cause pretty large gameplay changes that can add more value and nuances to what the player can do.

Throne and Liberty Director's Preview weather
An example of how the world can changed based on weather.

“Free Class” System

From the Throne and Liberty Director’s Preview, we are told that we will not select a class. We will instead have our roles and abilities decided based on the weapon combinations we choose! As a result this means that the game does not restrict players to classes upon character creation. This allows you to swap weapons on the fly based on preference and situational differences.

This will allow players to freely mix and match playstyles to find strengths where other weapons would be weak. And to minimize as much weakness as possible within your build. Also it is good to note that every weapon type will have a defensive action that can be used in critical moments. Think of this as Throne and Liberty’s “Dodge Roll”.

As seen throughout the video, we are teased a fair combinations within a cinematic creator-like screen!

How PvP Will Work In Throne and Liberty

NCSOFT during the Throne and Liberty Director’s Preview, stated several interesting points regarding PvP in the game. With the upcoming IP the developers decided to implement specific rules for player versus player combat. Rules that ultimately allows players to choose to be a part of the chaos or not.

Firstly we have been told that most areas or “zones” in the game will be safe for players. However certain areas can and will become open for PVP combat interaction during regional based events or boss raids. These are unique to their own region or zone – backstory and all. As a result of this event style, players can choose ahead of time to participate. We as players will have the ability to check a schedule for upcoming events, competitions and more and plan around it – choosing to participate or avoid. Regional battles will last around 20 minutes usually.

Within the world of Throne and Liberty, guilds and communities are very common – similar to the MMORPG genre in general. However in the open world, there are special and unique items that can only be possessed by guilds. The Dimension Stone and Blessing Stone. These are known as “Stones of Possession”. The previously mentioned stones will allow guilds to acquire raw materials and unique buffs and benefits. These will set yourself apart from other guilds. As a result of this, you will need to defend your guild’s stones when in your possession. And if they are not in your possession, participate in attack battles to secure the stones for the guild.

Capturing a stone
Once captured, defend well with your companions!

A deeper dive on Character Creation

Throne and Liberty has been designed with the slogan “Play For All” in mind. As a result of this, the game has been created with the global audience in mind. There is no shortage of beautiful graphics and visual expression. To further bring the world to life we see plenty of realistic faction expressions even on NPCs.

Throne and Liberty Director's Preview smile

Something fresh and welcoming to the upcoming title is an AI Customization feature. The AI Customization will be allowing players to create their characters based on real-life photos. Players will also be able to customize their characters after their creation via Barber Shop style options in-game.

As soon above we have a generic templated character behind the UI. However on the UI itself we can see uploaded photos of what we assume to be staff members from NCSOFT. The first person is selected and as a result of this, we get to see what happens next – which is honestly a fairly stunning representation of the mans features!

Story, Release Date and Platforms

Ultimately, players made the world turn in the MMO space. However, it is also crucial that players have a world set with rich lore, meaningful backstories, and connections that make the past, present and future make sense and hold weight. Players will also encounter mythical figure and learn more of their origins, experiencing the rich story-building the world has to offer to have a truly immersive experience.

Finally, we will all have the chance to hopefully experience this ourselves soon! Throne and Liberty is currently still slated to be released globally in the first half of 2023 for PC and Consoles, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X and S.

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