T&L Play Novel: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Celebration in Belphoret

Play Novel: Chapter 2 of the Throne & Liberty Play novel introduces us to three more characters and the land of Belphoret. The littoral land of Belphoret is ruled by Lord Mark Aron this is where we continue our story

Play Novel: Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Take a look at the animated Chapter 2 here.

Play Novel: Chapter 2 Mark Aron
Mark Aron

Mark Aron

Born 1143 ED. Height 178cm, weight 78kg.

Lord of Belphoret. A leader who lives for Belphoret and his family’s prosperity. Father of Roen.

Revil Lupios
Revil Lupios

Revil Lupius

Born 1160 ED. Height 190cm, weight 78kg (on the lean side, with a muscular physique).

An illegitimate son of the Lupius family, he had a deprived childhood. His mother falling ill, Revil went to the Lupius mansion to ask for medicine, only to be turned away at the door. Without proper care, his mother died of her illness. In his grief, Lupius flew into a rage and wiped out the entire Lupius clan. A great character in Play Novel: Chapter 2.

Play Novel: Chapter 2 Kazar Simosen
Kazar Simosen

Kazar Simosen

Birth date unknown. Height 230cm.

Has a highly imposing physique.

Abused as a child, he later seeks out and kills his tormentors. The pleasure of killing is unlike anything he has ever known, and he continues his slaughter on the battlefield, rising to the rank of Kuurt (Great General) of Trutizan. Kazar’s ambition to extend the bounds of the Trutizan Empire is thwarted by the heroes of Solisium. Two hundred years later, Kazar reappears, this time as the Commander of Revil’s Arkeum Legions.

He is frighteningly obsessed with power and will ruthlessly employ any means to achieve his designated goals.

Play Novel: Chapter 2 Belphoret


The littoral land of Belphoret is ruled by Lord Mark Aron. At the top of Belphoret Castle is the Temple of Fonsine, the goddess of water, where it is possible to pray for healing. The goddess’s followers, known as the Order of Fonsine, use white magic and seek peace, stability, and balance. A select few of these are born with the ability to converse with birds or transform into one. For this reason, the hunting of birds is prohibited throughout all of Belphoret.

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Chapter 2 continues the rise of the Arkeum Legions as they march on Belphoret. Led by the gargantuan 7 foot 5 inch Kazar Siosen they seem unstoppable as they bring the kingdom of Solisium into an age of darkness. We await to see what’s in store for chapter 3 of this gripping tale. Be sure to check back soon! 

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