Throne And Liberty Final Beta Test

NCSoft came out with a statement regarding their Throne and Liberty Final Beta Test. Its sadly bad news for the western following of Throne And Liberty.

On January 26th an announcement from NCSoft regarding their final beta stage made the rounds through the official discord.

Throne And Liberty Final Beta Test

Signups will open at the following link around February 12th , However there is some bad news for the western audience. The test will be held from February 21-22 in person in Korea at the Pangyo R&D Centre. And is restricted to Korean residents only. Although this is obviously bad news for the thousands of western fans waiting to get their hands on the game. There is light at the end of the tunnel, NCSoft confirmed they are still aiming for their first half of 2023 global launch window so we can expect hands-on in June at the latest.

What to expect: NCSoft has said that conducting this Final test is mostly aimed at verifying the games quality. And enhancing the perfection of the product before introduction into the global market. Testers can expect to have a chance to explore the world. The tutorial, local events and the raid systems for upwards of 5 hours per tester group.

While you are waiting for the Throne and Liberty Final Beta Test. Take a look at some information on PVE and PVP.

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