What is Equipment?

Every item that a character can equip for effects is defined as equipment. Players can enchant them for better effects.

  • Equipment items are automatically categorized and sorted as Equipment in the inventory.
  • Select the item to view the possible options.

You can select the Equipment category in your inventory to view only the Equipment items. Equipment in each slot and their look can be viewed from the Character window.

  • Weapon: Main Weapon, Off-Hand Weapon.
  • Armor: Headgear, Top, Legs, Gloves, Shoes, Cloak.
  • Accessories: Necklace, Bracelet, Rings x2, Belt.

Upgrading Equipment

Items can be upgraded into more powerful tools. There are three types of upgrades: Leveling up, transferring EXP from one item to another, and unlocking special options hidden in items.

Level Up

You use Growth Stones according to an item’s grade and slot type to level it up. When the item gains enough Growth Points, it will level up. Additional options will become active when an item levels up.

The maximum upgrade level is different for each grade:

  • Common – Level 3
  • Uncommon – Level 6
  • Rare – Level 9
  • Epic – Level 12


Leveled-up items can be transferred to another item of the slot type. Transferred item will be deleted. You can only transfer once per item.


When an Uncommon or above-grade item is created, it gains one trait. Each item type already has a fixed list of traits, and one of the traits will be selected randomly.

Unlocking Traits

You can add a different trait from one item to another if they are from the same slot type. This is called the trait unlocking. The ingredient items will be destroyed. A single item may have a maximum of three traits.

Enchanting Traits

If items from the same slot type have the same traits, you can use one of the items to upgrade the trait of the other. This is called the trait enchantment. The ingredient item will be destroyed.

The enchantment proceeded based on the set probabilities, and if it fails, you gain a certain amount of Blessing points. You can use Blessing points to increase the success rate. You can choose to use Blessing points every time you try to enchant.

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