Shield Survival Technique

11 Second35, 25 StaminaCounter
Defends against an attack. Consumes additional Stamina based on the damage defended. Upon defending against a Fury Attack, restores Health by 230, and a perfect defense increases Damage Reduction by 49 for 6 sec.
Upon defending against a Fury Attack, Shield Survival Technique changes to Retaliatory Strike.
Retaliatory Strike Deals damage equal to 200% of Base Damage + 14 to the target.
Defending against a Fury Attack before using Retaliatory Strike increases its damage by 50%. This bonus stacks up to 4 times.
HP Recovery
270 + 30/lvl
Damage Reduction
57 + 6/lvl
Retaliatory Base Damage
200% + 50% per stack
Retaliatory Bonus Damage
14 + 6/lvl
Stamina Cost▼ to 25Upon defending a Fury attack, creates a Maximum Health 14% Shield for 3 sec

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