What is Weapon Mastery?

Weapon Mastery is a system that enables a character to obtain an additional weapon effect according to the EXP they have gained while using their weapons.

If you have two weapon sets equipped, you will only receive the effects from the weapon currently in use.

Weapon Mastery Progress

Each equipment set has its own Weapon Mastery progress. If a character has two equipped weapon sets, the secondary set will receive 50% of the EXP gained with the weapon currently in combat.

  • Collect the Mastery EXP to level up and obtain Mastery Points
  • Once enough Mastery Points are collected, effects that can be activated will be marked.
  • Use the points to obtain one of the usable effects.
  • Activated effects will be displayed on the right.

Activating Effects

  • Click the activated effect to show the pop-up. Obtainable effects are also shown on the tooltip as well.
  • Click the Activate Button on the pop-up window to obtain one of the effects.

Enchanting Effects

  • If an obtained effect is not at the highest level, you can clock the effect icon again to repeat the enchanting process.
  • Click the Try Enchanting button on the pop-up window and pay the cost to activate one of the usable effects.

To reset effects and return your points, move the cursor on the activated effect and click the Restore button to reset the effect. The effect that is about to be reset and its reset cost are shown on the pop-up. Click the Confirm button to reset the effect and receive the invested points back.

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