11 Second35, 25 StaminaCounter
Move 4m towards the designated direction for 0.5 sec and defend an attack. Consumes additional Stamina Added the amount of damage defended against.
Fury Attack Defense Effect
Deals damage equal to 230% of Base Damage + 13 to the current target. If the target is within the 6m radius, applies Collision: Push by 80% chance 80% against monsters). If the pushed back target collides with a wall, they will become Stunned for 3 sec. Sustaining Roll changes to Slow Bullet for 3 sec.
This Slow Bullet skill disappears when you use a different Active Skill. The Two-handed Attack effect is activated for 3 sec. Slow Bullet Deals damage equal to 110% of Base Damage + 0 to the target with a 80% chance of Enfeeble that decreases Move Speed by 60% for 3 sec. Two-Handed Attack Activates an Off-Hand Weapon attack for the subsequent Active Skill you use.
230% + 13 280% + 44
450% + 75 520% + 106
Stamina Cost▼ to 25 when using a Skill.After defending against a Fury Attack, additional damage by 105% of Base Damage.

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