11 Second35, 25 StaminaCounter
Defends against attacks. Overtaker is changed to Agile Shot for 3s upon blocking Fury Attack. Increases Melee, Ranged, and Magic Critical Hit by 225 for 3s, if a Fury Attack was defended within 0.5s.
Agile Shot Fires an arrow that deals 240% of Base Damage + 24 plus the damage that increases by 4?% per meter as you move away from the target, if the shot was fired without moving. Use with the directional buttons to use the skill while moving. For this case, deals 120% of Base Damage + 12 damage with a 80% chance to inflict Bind to the target for 3s.
Agile Shot while moving
240% 290% 350% 420% + 12/lvl
Critical Chance
225 410

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